Golf Coach

Golf is not just an exercise; it's an adventure, a romance... a Shakespeare play in which disaster and comedy are intertwined.  ~Harold Segall

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Golf – The World's Business Game

Why play this game?

  • This is the sport of business people in UK, Ireland, Spain, USA, China, Japan, Korea, South Africa and Australia and many others. The list is endless.
  • If you want to do business with these nations then playing golf, however badly, is a conduit for developing long term business relationships.   On the golf course, deals are made, new jobs found, life long friendships developed.

Now is the time for you to learn a little about this sport and find a new and enjoyable sport for life plus enhance your business career.  

I offer the opportunity to coach complete beginners who haven’t a clue and show them the fundamentals in 10 hours.  I also take regular players and improve their game.

Coaching golf blends in with leadership, communication or cultural training.   It is the perfect synergy.