Bill Cole


  • Graduated from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst
  • Military qualifications in leadership, management, supply chain management, budget management.
  • Harvard Law School – Programme on Negotiation for Senior Executives.
  • Qualified Business English Teacher - St Mary’s College, Surrey University.
  • Qualified Intercultural Consultant - Berlitz Cultural Consulting.
  • Qualified Golf Coach- World Golf Teaching Federation of GB and Ireland.

Leadership and Management
I served in the British Army for 28 years all over the world leading a wide variety of teams from 5-500.  The teams were not just British Army, but also civilian from a wide variety of cultures such as Arab, Angolan and Chinese.   This experience, coupled with intensive leadership training, crystallised my view of outstanding leadership.

Leaving the army created a curiosity so see the linkage between British military and corporate leaders.   Military leaders have the same challenges at today’s corporate world- they must be equipped both professionally and psychologically to operate in a fast moving, pressurised environment where situations continually evolve.

Almost anybody can be a leader given the appropriate training.   It is not all about charisma and personality as some would have you believe but about behaviour - Doing the right thing at the right time. 

My aim is to help business leaders develop the best behaviour for their particular job.

Communication skills
Many managers know what they want to say but don’t know how to communicate their message clearly and effectively.  Over a quarter of relationship problems in the intercultural corporate world are language related. Misunderstandings, at worst conflict, result in frustration, confusion and non effective performance.  Everybody loses.

My aim is to raise awareness on how to frame your message so it is understood and elicits the response you want.